Election Strategy Planning & Pre poll survey

    Pre-Poll survey and analysis of your constituency by leading political analyst and media personalities with Former CSDS Psephologist.

    Video Film

    Your Image makeover with the help of a Video Film, highlighting your achievements and the future plan for the people of your constituency. With complementary 100 CDs.

    Video Coverage

    (3 Camera Set up with Jimmy Zib)

    A video coverage of your rally with multi camera setup and Jimmy Zib. (रैली का हाईटेक इंतजाम,कई कैमरों के जरिए हर वोटर तक होगी आपकी पहुंच)

    TV Advertisment

    A crux of your profile and your achievement, which can be used for promotion on Local Cable and National Channels for your branding. (देश के बड़े और स्थानीय न्यूज चैनलों के जरिए आपकी उपलब्धियां पहुंचेगी हर घर तक)

    Radio Jingle

    Convey your voice message to the people of your constituency through Radio Advertisement.

    Audio Cassette

    Add some music with your campaign with the help of jingles to reach out to the people of your constituency.

    Live Streaming

    Convert your 1 rally into several rallies through LIVE webcast.

    Recorded Voice Messaging

    Reach out to every voter personally through Voice Messaging.

    SMS Campaign

    Send bulk SMS’s to your voters during election campaigns.

    Email Alerts

    Target net savvy voters of your constituency living within/outside of your area.

    IVR Setting

    A set up through which you can communicate with your voters through a unique number on phone, where all the calls will be recorded and you may revert later as per your convenience. A data base will be created for your future reference.


    A dedicated website with your name as domain to allow voters to go through your profile. Where they can give feedback as well (इंटरनेट के जरिए आपके हर वोटर तक पहुंचेगी आपकी छवि,आपके नाम की अपनी वेबसाइट जिसमें होंगी आपकी उपलब्धियां और कार्यक्रम...वेबसाइट के जरिए हर वोटर पहुंचेगा आपके पास)

    Social Media

    Promotion through Social Networking via Facebook, Twitter, Linkdin, Google+, Hangout, Watsup etc (आज के सबसे शक्तिशाली माध्यम जैसे फेसबुक,ट्विटर,लिंक्डइन,गूगल प्लस,हैगआउट,वाट्सएप जैसे सोशल मीडिया के इस्तेमाल से हर वक्त रहें चर्चा में।क्षेत्र की जनता से करें सीधा संवाद)

    Mobile Vans

    A Branded Vehicle to move around the city, to promote you through different activities.

    Election Rath

    A Branded Multiutility Vehicle with all the facilities to move around the state. (आपका अपना रथ जिसके जरिए आप खुद पहुंचेंगे अपने वोटर तक,वक्त की बचत, न रैली का खर्चा,बस रथ खड़ा कीजिए औऱ जनता से हो जाइए सीधे रुबरु)

    Helicopter Services

    Fly to save your time and increase footfall of your rallies. (दूर-दराज की रैली में जाने के लिए हेलिकॉप्टर सेवा,कम वक्त में आपको पहुंचाए आपके वोटर तक)


    Gift Items which can make you more visible in your constituency. CD’s, Umbrellas, T-Shirts, Batches, Pens, Diaries, Organizers, Watches, (हर वोटर पर हो आपकी छाप...पूरे शहर में बस आप ही आप छाए रहें......हर बाशिंदे के बदन पर आपकी तस्वीर वाली टीशर्ट,स्टॉल्स पर आपके नाम के बड़े बडे छाते,पेन,डायरी,घड़ियां...हर घर और दिल पर बस हो आपका ही नाम)