The barren beauty of Laddakh with snow capped peaks and clean azure sky have attracted the intrepid traveller since the region was opened to tourist in the 1970s. Since then, it has become a favourite haunt for trekking and mountaineering enthusiasts. It is a cocktail for an adventure sport lover where one enjoys the pure lakes, rivers, snowy peaks, wildlife, adventure sports, ancient monasteries, the wooden handicrafts, the food, interact with warm locals, hand-woven woollens and much more. And travelling to Ladakh by Road is perhaps one of the most thrilling road adventure in the World. The journey involves crossing some of the highest motorable mountain passes in the world, colourful Tibetan prayer flags, prayer bells, monasteries and Tibetan Buddhist populace. Ladakh is also called “Little Tibet” due to strong cultural and geographical similarities with Tibet.

Ladakh is a high altitude desert as the Himalayas create a rain shadow thus prohibiting the entry of monsoon clouds. The main source of water here remains the winter snowfall on the mountains that forms the glaciers. Like in the rest of the parts of the country where people pray for rain, here Ladakhis pray for the glaciers or snows to melt for irrigation and drinking purposes. Surprisingly though, the thin air makes the heat of the sun even more intense than at lower altitudes. Only in Ladakh can a man sitting in the sun with his feet in the shade suffer from sunstroke n frostbite at the same time.

The summer temp. is quite pleasant but in winter it touches the extreme. The winter temp touches as low as minus 30 degree (Leh & Kargil) and minus 60 degree in Drass. Subzero temp prevails from December to February throughout Ladakh, whereas, zero degree temp is experienced during rest of winter months. This results in freezing of all conceivable water resources. During summer the maximum temp rises from 20 to 35 degree Celsius in July and August.

If you choose to go by road, there are 2 routes available, one is “Leh Srinagar Highway” and the other is “Leh Manali Highway”. In route you will witness real beauty of nature and will be lucky enough to visit new places with different terrain. And we are here to make your dreams a reality, where we offer you a guided tour to Ladakh, beginning from 3 Nights 4 Days to 21 Days & 22 Nights. Once you book we will be providing you a guidebook, which will help you in what & where to eat, Things to Carry, Dos & Don’t, Petrol Pumps, ATMs, Banks, Hospitals to Shopping list and a complete and detailed map.

• Manali:

Manali also referred as the “Valley of Gods” is named after the Hindu lawgiver Manu. Tourism boosted in this quite village after the rise of militancy in Kashmir.

• Rohtang Pass:

Rohtang got its name due to people dying in bad weather, who tried to cross this pass. It connects the Kullu Valley with Lahaul & Spiti Valley and is a major tourist destination.

• Keylong:

It is the administrative centre of the Lahaul & Spiti Valley. Which faces the famous Kardang Monastery, the largest and most important in the valley.

• Baralacha La:

In ancient times it was a part of a trade route and now famous for the Jab We Met song. It means a summit with cross roads from Spiti, Ladakh, Zanskar & Lahaul meet here.

• Sarchu:

It is a major halt point for travellers inroute to Manali-Leh Highway, as it normally take two days to reach Leh.

• Morey Plains:

The road is mostly on the plain for around 30–35 km, flanked by beautiful mountains on both sides before it again starts to rise to Tanglang La.

• Gata Loops:

We climb 500m through the Gata loops (22 hairpin bends) and traversing through Nakee La pass and Lachulung La pass.

• Tanglang La:

The highest mountain pass on Manali Leh Highway and boasts to be the Second Highest Motorable Road of the world.

• Leh:

After opening for tourists in 1974, it has become a bustling tourist town. Since 2000, domestic tourists started visting Ladakh, with a dramatic increase in 2010 after the movie 3 Idiots.

• Pangong Lake:

It is 134 km long and extends from India to Tibet, where 60% of the lake lies in Tibet. It is a disputed territory as the Line of Actual Control passes through the lake but breathtaking.

• Chang La:

Chang La is a pass on route to Pangong Lake and is the 3rd Highest Motorable road in the world, which is guarded by Indian Army and is snow covered throughout the year.

• Khardungla:

Listed in the Guinness World Records, is the Highest Motorable Road in the world. The pass is strategically important to India as it is used to carry supplies to Siachen Glacier.

• Nubra valley:

Local scholars say that its original name was Ldumra, which means Valley of Flowers. Nubra is a cold desert with some vegetation and tourists need Inner Line Permit to enter the valley.

• Lamayuru:

Also known as Yuru Gompa, is one of the largest and oldest monestries in Ladakh, with a population of around 150 permanent monks resident.

• Alchi:

Alchi is a small village situated on lowland, not on a hilltop. It has several tourist home stays offering modern conveniences for overnight stay.

• Magnetic Hills:

The hill is alleged to have Magnetic Properties strong enough to pull cars uphill and force passing aircrafts to increase their altitude in order to escape the magnetic interference.

• Kargil:

Kargil lies near the Line Of Control facing Pakistan, and is the least populated district after the year 2000.

• Drass:

Drass means Hell in local language and is famous being the Second Coldest Inhabited Place in the World. Temperature drops down to minus 60 degree in winters.

• Zoji La:

As the name suggests it is again a pass. During the Indo-Pak War in 1947, it was seized by Pakistani raiders in their campaign to capture Ladakh.

• Sonmarg:

Sonmarg known as “Meadow of Gold” has no permanent settlement and is inaccessible during the winters due to heavy snowfall and avalanches. A large number of Hindi movies have been picturised here.

• Srinagar:

Composed of 2 words, Shree (Lakshmi) and Nagar (City), is famous for its Gardens, Lakes and Houseboats. It is a well know tourist place also famous for its handicrafts and Dry Fruits.

• Patni top:

'Patnitop' is a distortion of "Patan Da Talab" meaning "Pond of the Princess". In olden times ponds existed in the meadows and princess often used to bathe there. It is a famous Hilltop tourist location.

• Jammu:

Name was derived from the ruler who founded it, Raja Jambulochan. On his hunting, he saw a Goat and a Lion drinking water side by side with peace and tranquillity and commanded to built a palace for him there.

Vegetarian Specialties

• Dam-Aaloo and Chaman
• Korma Sag (made from the popular Dal Lake vegetable 'Lak')
• Momos – Kothey is the local name.
• Saag (made from thick-leafed green leafy vegetable 'hak')
• Lotus Root
• Paba & Tangtur (Buttermilk with wild vegetables)
• Khambir and Butter Tea (Khambir is a local bread)
• Chang (Local brew of Ladakh)
• Apricot Jam

Non-Vegetarian Specialties

•Thukpa (noodles cooked in mutton soup)
•Thenthuk (Noodle are mixed with uneven big pieces of wheat flour dough)
•Skyu (Daily meal, made with veggies, mutton and flour)
•Yakhni and Tabaq Maaz (made of fried ribs)
•Non-Veg Momos
•Roghan Josh (the juiciest curried mutton, cooked in Yoghurt)
•Yaknee (similar to Roghan Josh; prepared with the generous use of Kashmiri chillies)
•Gushtaba (pounded and spiced meat balls cooked in a yoghurt sauce)
•Rista (rice balls but with less meat and less spice in the sauce)
•Marchwangan Korma (hot mutton curry, usually served with rice and Nan).

List of Restaurants

•Booklovers Retreat

A surprisingly sophisticated option for old Changspa, this place serves a full range of coffees, teas and snacks, and there's a bookshop, in case you didn't bring your own.

•Himalaya Café

One of several top-floor restaurants at the south end of Main Bazar, serving good Chinese and Indian fast food in calm modern surroundings. There's also a roof terrace.

•Il Forno

This unassuming rooftop place serves the best pizzas in town, washed down with icy cold beers, but only until late September.

•Gesmo Restaurant

A reliable coffeeshop and traveller’s restaurant that stays open late into the autumn - cakes and hot drinks are the main attractions.

•La Pizzeria

A popular drinking hole and dinner spot for the Changspa crowd, with above-average pizzas and a roasting open fire in the evenings.

•La Terrasse

A roof top restaurant which serves cold beers, Chinese, Tibetan, European and Israeli food. There's an indoor dining room for cold nights.

•Ladakhi Bakeries

You can buy freshly baked Tibetan bread from the traditional wood-fired Ladakhi bakeries behind the Jama Masjid.

•Lamayuru Restaurant

An old traveller hangout, Come here for inexpensive Indian, Chinese and international snack meals and a good noticeboard.

•Leh View Restaurant

A Kashmiri-owned place with meaty Kashmiri curries as well as the usual traveller fare. Go up to the roof terrace for dinner with a view.

•Neha Snacks

Locals flock to this Punjabi place for pure-veg snacks like channa puri (chickpea curry with bread) and Indian sweets.

•Pumpernickel German Bakery

A useful noticeboard, cheap cakes and sandwiches, and low, low prices keep this place full of travellers through the season.

•Summer Harvest

Top-notch Indian and Chinese food, cold beers and international sports on the TV attract travellers to this warm and inviting restaurant.

•Tenzin Dickey Tibetan

For travellers who can't get enough of momos and thukpa (noodle soup), this vegetarian Tibetan restaurant pushes all the right buttons.

•Tibetan Kitchen

Evening tables should be booked in the afternoon (in person) at this classy restaurant at the Hotel Tso-Kar. The menu has lots of Tibetan specialities like sha bakleh (bread stuffed with meat) and ruchowtse (cheese and vegetable momos in soup), but no alcohol.

Things to Carry

• 2-3 Pairs of Inner Thermal Suits.
• 3-4 sets of Heavy woolens
• Carry at least 1 Balaclava (hat) too to protect yourself from cold entering the head.
• Sunglasses to protect your eyes from the reflections from snow
• Hand Gloves
• Take a first-aid box and carry proper medicines for headache, fever, and vomiting also in it.
• Lots of chocolates, biscuits and dry fruits.
• Oxygen Cylinders
• Itinerary Printout (at least 2)
• Travel Guide / Map Print Out (at least 2)
• At least 3-4 Copies of Photo IDs for all members/aslo carry the original doc(pan card/voter id / driving licence)
• Photographs
• Mobile
• Mobile Charger
• Pen and a small Diary
• Bag locks (2 or more)
• Small Scissor
• Watch
• Swiss Knife
• Match Boxes or Flint or Cigarette Lighter

Do's & Dont's


• Carry drinking water and dry food.

• Take water purification tablets or boiled water or bottled water.

• In initial days of reaching Ladakh, avoid smoking and taking alcohol

• Take Disprin with you if you want to go to Khardung La, as it is very high altitude of 5359m.

• If you are not able to go further from a particular spot in day, do not move stay there

• Make a first-aid box and carry proper medicines for headache, fever, and vomiting also in it.

• There is electricity problem in Leh, so it is better to take extra batteries for digital products like camera, mobiles phones, etc. Charge them fully before leaving for the tour.

• Ladakhi people are very friendly and welcoming. They love to interact. So interact with them and it will also help in changing your point of view


• Don't use Polythene bags. Ladakh is a "no polythene" zone. Kindly respect this and please carry back all the plastic you take with you.

•  Do not take photographs of people or inside any religious place without taking permission of the monk or person in –charge.

• Do not wear short clothes like skirts/sleeveless blouses tops while on roads, especially in Buddhist Gompa.

• Do not try to influence Ladakhi People with your western outlook.

• Refill your water bottles instead of buying new ones. Mountain water is good. If you have doubt, boil it and refill.

• Do not disturb wild life.



Food/Beverages Marhi, Rohtang Paas, Khoksar, Sissu, Keylong, Jispa, Darcha, Deepak Tal, Zingzing Bar, Bharatpur, Sarchu
Diesel / Petrol Pumps Tandi (107 Kms. from Manali), Karu (36 Kms. from leh), Shey, Hunder
Mobile Connectivity Leh, packet data is only available with BSNL edge. SMS does work fine for both BSNL and Airtel
Fixed Phones Keylong, Jispa, Darcha, Upshi
Medical Manali, Keylong, Leh
ATM's Manali, Keylong, Leh
Police Checkpoints Darcha, Sarchu, Upshi, Khokshar(For foreigners only)
Mechnaic Keylong, Darcha, Sarchu, Upshi
Natural Heights Rohtang Pass, Tandi Confluence, Sissu Waterfall, Deepak Tal, Suraj Tal, Baralacha La, Taglang La or Tanglang La, Gata Loops

Terms and Conditions

  • We invite participants from all around the country. We encourage the participants to drive their own vehicles. Leh Ladakh- a road trip is a self drive expedition and is not aimed at providing a taxi or a car with driver. Extremely exceptional cases will be treated with special considerations, & will entail extra costs over and above the price specified in this document.
  • All participants must have a valid Indian driving license or an International driving license valid in India up to at least July 2014. We may at our discretion accept or reject, any application.
  • The charges specified are on basis of twin sharing per person and includes accommodation, breakfast and dinner. No refunds will be entertained in case any participant wishes to extend stay in Srinagar/ Manali.
  • Any 4 wheeler OR 2 wheeler vehicle can be used for participation. The vehicle must be in good condition mechanically. The condition of the brakes, tyres, battery, and clutch plates must be in reasonably good condition. The vehicle must have all the required documents that prove it can be legally driven on Indian roads and all permits should be in place. If the owner of the vehicle is not a participant, letter of authority for use of the vehicle has to be provided.
  • Safekeeping of the participant’s vehicle, belongings or any personal items would be sole responsibility of the participant.
  • Vehicle mileage and fuelling needs of the vehicle should be taken care of by the participant, as extra fuel would not be carried by team of Aspirants Travels.
  • Aspirants Travels will not be held responsible for any changes to the itinerary, amendments or exclusions to the expedition plan and will not be liable for any costs or claims arising from the same, if the changes or exclusions have been the direct or indirect result of a natural disasters, accidents, severe weather changes, or govt or military actions. Aspirants Travels crew will go the extra mile in accommodating any such event, to ensure minimum impact on our clients. And as far as reasonably possible we will look to partially refund in case the expedition is cut short in the number activities or the number of days as outlined in this document.
  • Additional charge of Rs. 10,000/= is applicable on and above tour prices for accompanying Driver. All such driver has to produce their professional Driver licence along with Medical certificate and proper insurance.
  • The charges can be paid by Cheque / Demand Draft in favour of "Aspirants Travels India Private Limited” or through bank transfer in favour of Aspirants Travels India Private Limited, Current A/c no 3411321719 with Kotak Mahindra Bank, Plot 31 & 32, Block-G, Sector-18, Noida, UP-201301. IFSC KKBK0000181.
  • Participants can register and secure their participation in The Leh Ladakh-a road trip by paying an initial registration amount of INR 10,000/- per head on the www.aspirantsevents.com . The balance registration charges have to be paid in full by one week before the start of the event. If not paid, the booking will be considered as cancel and there will be a deduction of 12.36% of the total cost as cancellation amount.
REFUND AND CANCELLATION POLICY Booking cancelation will attract penalty as follows:
  • 30days prior to the of tour departure date a cancellation fee of 10% on total value of the package will be charged.
  • 15days prior to the tour departure date a cancellation fee of 25% on total value of the package will be charged.
  • 7 days prior to the tour departure date a cancellation fee of 50% on total value of the package will be charged.
  • 24hrs prior to tour departure NO REFUND will be entertained.
  • Limitation of Liability: These terms and conditions govern the relation between the participant and Aspirants Travels India Pvt Ltd. You will be bound by these terms and conditions upon joining this expedition. Aspirants Travels responsibility would be limited because of the fact that we liaise with 3rd parties such as hotels, adventure sports companies and other such companies for various arrangements for this expedition.
  • Accommodation- Hotels or Camps. Camping equipment for Self Camp.
  • Food – Breakfast, & Dinner.
  • Route planning, convoy crew lead & control vehicles, daily activity scheduling (refreshments stops, local information & trivia etc).
  • All govt/army permits within Ladakh region.
  • Vehicle, Fuel, any oil, gas etc. Car spare-parts, tyres, service costs, traffic violation fines. Road taxes, state taxes, tolls etc.
  • Passenger travel tickets to Delhi. No domestic or international tickets are included.
  • Medical Insurance or travel insurance.
  • Adventure sports costs: Paragliding & Zorbing in Solang, camps at Jispa, rafting in River Zanskar, and camel safari in Hunder. It can be included by paying, or can be paid at time of doing it.
  • Any costs incurred for change in itinerary due to things beyond our control like weather, closed roads etc.
An Indemnity forms have to sign prior to departure of the tour by all participants. Download the Indemnity Form from the website www.aspirantsevents.com or mail to info@aspirantsevents.com